Who we are

Enginium is an engineering service company, part of Gi Group, Italy’s leading multinational staffing agency.

We offer consulting, design and outsourcing services to companies in the automotive, aerospace and defence, transportation, telecommunication, energy and oil & gas industries.

Our engineers and specialised technicians help companies with research and innovation, with the development of their products and services, and with operational and manufacturing processes.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for young talent with a desire to grow professionally in a motivating and dynamic environment, for people who believe, like us, that continuous learning and the proper amount of innovation and improvements are the necessary prerequisites to obtain great professional results. We’re seeking employees able to create new solutions in line with the evolution of our clients’ products and services. We’re looking for young people with the same passion we have for our work, those who see new projects as opportunities to grow their skill set.

What we offer

At Enginium, people make a difference. For this reason, we invest significantly in training and growth, and developed our academy to train our employees in specific technical areas. 
We offer a stable position in the company, personalised career growth and a training programme, as well as access to the Gi Group’s corporate pension plan.